Couple adopt blind Redmond dog, companion

Oregon City pair have happy new home for doggy duo

REDMOND, Ore. - A week after the Humane Society of Redmond put out a plea for someone to adopt a blind dog and her faithful, younger companion, an Oregon City couple paid a visit to bring the two companions to their home.

The shelter had announced "it has two beautiful Yellow Labrador Retrievers with a special bond, in need of a special home."

The dogs arrived together as strays a few weeks ago. Vicky is about 8-10 years old and Viola is much younger, at around 1 ½ years old.

Vicky is blind and looks to Viola for direction and guidance. 

The Labs have been kept together at the shelter, and Viola has adapted to the role of Vicky's caretaker and leader.  Vicky follows Viola's flank on walks and to the food bowl at meal time. 

Vicky is overweight and less mobile due to her blindness.  Viola is in excellent health and less energetic than dogs her age, probably due to her caring for Vicky.

In a Facebook post late Saturday, the shelter said Vicky and Viola "were adopted by a wonderful couple, David and Jane, from Oregon City."

"These two dogs will now live out their lives on fenced acreage and will be able to go on daily walks with their people," the shelter wrote. "They will be living with three cats and three rabbits."

"Vicky's walks will be rather slow at first but as she continues to lose weight, she will be able to become more active," the humane society said.

"Viola will get to accompany her people on longer walks and hikes and be able to engage in fun and games that will use up some of her pent-up energy that accumulates from having to take care of Vicky. We wish them all the very best."

The shelter had said both dogs are fine with cats and other dogs, as long as they are tolerant of Vicky bumping into them occasionally as she finds her way around the house.  A fenced yard is a must, to prevent wandering into roads and other dangers.

Shelter Manager Chris Bauersfeld said, "Their relationship and dependency is obvious as soon as you see them. Seldom do we see a pair of beautiful pure bred Yellow Labs such as these, and they would be a wonderful addition to the right home."

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