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Walden's office seeks 'Wounded Warrior' assistant

BEND, Ore. - Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) announced Tuesday that his office has been selected to host a Wounded Warrior fellow, who will serve as a Veterans and Military Outreach and Casework Manager in his office in Bend or Medford.

The fellow, who must have served on active duty since September 11, 2001 and have a 30% or greater disability rating, will assist Walden and his other veterans staff members in working with veterans, active duty military, and their families in southern, central, and eastern Oregon.

Applications are now being accepted by the U.S. House of Representatives' Wounded Warrior program (more information below).

"Those who wear—or have worn—our nation's uniform put their lives on the line to defend our nation. We owe our freedom to them. I work hard to ensure they receive the benefits they have earned through years of service, and I'm proud to have two veterans on my staff in Oregon to assist in this mission. I am looking for a veteran to join my team and work with me and my staff to assist veterans, active duty military, and their families with their needs from the federal government," Walden said.

The position is part of the Wounded Warrior program, which was established to create fellowships that provide employment opportunities for wounded or disabled veterans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Applicants must be a veteran who has served on active duty since September 11, 2011, have a 30% or greater disability rating from the VA/PEB and less than 20 years of service. 

Walden currently has a retired Naval commander and a Marine on staff in Oregon, and the Wounded Warrior fellow will supplement their long-time service and expertise. Walden is a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior program in the U.S. House, and has been proud to have hosted a Wounded Warrior fellow in his office in the past.  He has been selected again by the Wounded Warrior program to host a fellow for two years.

The fellow, as Outreach and Casework Manager, will work primarily with veterans, active duty military and their families to assist with their needs from the federal government.

The individual will travel to areas of Walden's large district to interact with Oregonians and assist in the coordination of verbal, written and electronic communication to veterans and active duty military and their families on behalf of the Representative.

The person will help constituents interact with administrative and government agencies by acting as facilitators, ombudsmen and, in some cases, advocates.  The position lends itself to helping the Representative's team in assisting a broad range of Oregonians, who stream into the public office, as well as planning and executing local congressional events.

For a full list of job duties and responsibilities, as well as requirements for the position, please click here. Interested applicants should submit a resume, a DD214 and a letter from the VA indicating a 30% or greater rating to

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