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United Way of Deschutes tops $1 million

BEND, Ore. - United Way of Deschutes County has surpassed the $1 million mark in the county wide fundraising effort to raise $1.25 million to help address urgent social service needs in Deschutes County. 

United Way volunteers and staff thank contributors and continue their work to reach the goal prior to the fiscal year end of June 30.

The collective effort of campaign volunteers, area workplaces and the generosity of local donors have been tremendous thus far. 

Area residents who have not yet donated are encouraged to pause a moment and consider directing a gift from their heart. In 2011 an individual's donation, when combined with that of others, resulted in necessary basic human services reaching over 74,000 Deschutes county residents.

These numbers included some of the over 1300 children who are homeless in Central Oregon (number of homeless children obtained from the Partnership to End Poverty website). 

To promote the 2012/13 United Way fundraising campaign, volunteer campaign chair John Salzer has vowed to wear a LIVE UNITED t-shirt every day until the goal of $1.25 Million is reached. 

Salzer then went one step further to bring visibility to his cause; his t-shirt is covered with big black numbers that announce weekly updated campaign pledge amounts.  Salzer is most grateful to all who have thus far donated to this year's campaign.  He thanks future donors in advance and looks forward to the day he can finally mark his shirt with a big $1,250,000!

Area residents are invited to invest in the people of their community and assist United Way of Deschutes County in reaching the $1.25 million goal.   This money is utilized to help support over thirty local social service programs that rely in part on funding from United Way. 

This funding is necessary to help ensure that United Way partner agencies continue to provide the invaluable gift of assistance, sometimes life-saving assistance, to the large number of Deschutes County residents in need.  

To learn more about LIVE UNITED, how to schedule a workplace campaign, or to make a pledge, contact the United Way office at (541) 389-6507, or view the Web site:  You can also mail donations to:  PO Box 5969, Bend, OR  97708-5969.

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