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Senior-disabled tax deferral deadlines approach

SALEM, Ore. - Important filing deadlines are approaching for the state's Senior and Disabled Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program.

People currently part of the program who need to recertify their eligibility this year with the Oregon Department of Revenue have until April 8 to file the necessary paperwork, said Bronson Rueda, the unit manager for the program.

"Those asked to recertify need to meet the deadline or they'll lose their active status," Rueda said. "If that happens, the state will not pay their property taxes due in November."

In addition, new applicants to the deferral program face an April 15 deadline to file their paperwork with their county assessor's office if they want to be eligible to have their property taxes paid this year, he said.

The Oregon State Legislature established the Senior and Disabled Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program in 1963 to help qualified citizens pay their county property taxes. Essentially, the state agrees to make property tax payments on behalf of eligible participants. A lien is placed on their property, and they must repay all taxes and fees with interest before the lien is removed.

This is the second year the state of Oregon has asked participants to recertify their eligibility for the program. Prior to changes the 2011 Legislature made, no recertification process existed; once an applicant gained admission to the program they would remain active until they either died, transferred their property to someone else, or moved from their property for reasons not related to health.

Applications and information about the program can be obtained from County Assessor's Offices or online at

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