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Register for 911 emergency cellphone alerts

BEND, Ore. - Did you know you can register to receive future emergency notices on your cell phone from Deschutes 9-1-1? The online registration service is available for residents living in Deschutes County, Crooked River Ranch, and Camp Sherman. Notices can ONLY be received if you register for the service.

The Deschutes County Citizen Emergency Notification System (CENS) notifies the public with important information during an emergency. Until recently, CENS could only call land-line telephones but didn't have the ability to call cell or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone numbers. Now, owners of cell phone or VoIP lines can receive the same emergency message as those with land-line phones IF THEY REGISTER (opting-in for the service).


When registering to receive CENS notices, you'll be asked to provide your email address, a password, and a challenge question/answer (in case you forget information that establishes your account). You'll also be asked to provide your contact information.


To register your wireless or VoIP phone to receive emergency notices, please visit Deschutes County emergency notices will be sent to you in the form of emails, phone calls or text messages. Once you register, you can return to your account page to manage information and settings. You can also register additional contacts through the system.


If CENS attempts to call your cell and the line is busy, the system will redial the number three times to make contact. If an answering machine or voice mail system picks up the call, an emergency message will be recorded.


For more information and to register your cell or VoIP phones, please visit or call the Deschutes County 9-1-1 business line at  (541) 388-0185.

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