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Redmond PD adds Facebook page

REDMOND, Ore. - The Redmond Police Department said Wednesday it has activated its first social media Facebook page with the intent to connect better with the community it serves.

The page can be found at:!/RedmondPolice

Here's their announcement, from Lt. Keith Knight:

"The police department is excited to enter into the technological realm of social media.  Our intended direction with the page is to communicate with our community and visitors with information on department activities, help in investigations, identification of unknown persons of interest, identification of found property, incorporation of a new tip feature with Raids Online, and other pertinent information.

"The Redmond Police Department looks forward to building new connections with our community and adding technology that will better help us communicate with those we serve.

"Please feel free to visit the Redmond Police Department on Facebook!  Contact the Redmond Police Department at (541) 504-3400 or the non-emergency dispatch number at (541) 693-6911 regarding any questions.  Thank you!"

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