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Pile burning planned near Bend, Sunriver

BEND, Ore. - Potentially beginning next Tuesday, Central Oregon, Deschutes National Forest fuels specialists  will burn piles in two separate locations near Bend and Sunriver.

Pile burning will occur near the Skyliners neighborhood along Skyliners Road (FS Road 4601); and near Sunriver along Cottonwood Road (FS Road 4143), FS Road 600, and adjacent to the west side of Highway 97 between Lava Lands and Sunriver at the main Sunriver Exit (South Century Exit).

As conditions allow, specialists expect operations to last 1-2 days as they burn several isolated piles near Skyliners Road and approximately 140 acres near Sunriver and Highway 97. 

In addition to these areas, fuels specialists continue to burn piles in within and around the La Pine basin, on Pine Mountain, west of Sunriver, adjacent to Eagle Crest resort, and north of Newberry Crater. 

No road closures are anticipated with either project. However, smoke could be visible from the Skyliners neighborhood, Bend, Sunriver, and along Highway 97. 

Piles can be expected to smolder and burn for several days after ignition.  If smoke drifts on to local roads, motorists should slow down, turn on headlights, and proceed with care.  Once ignited, piles are monitored by firefighters until they are declared out.

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