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Pet Evacuation Team preps for wildfire season

REDMOND, Ore. - The Pet Evacuation team has served Central Oregon families and their animals since 2001. P.E.T. volunteers assist during times of natural disaster, wildfires, home fires, neglect and abuse cases and provides education and outreach in disaster preparedness and the proper care and treatment of animals.

Central Oregon residents with animals are encouraged to include a disaster plan for their large and small animals as part of their family disaster plan.

Keep a grab and go kit for your companion pets with: identification/information/photo sheet, current list of any medications or medical needs, 3-5 day supply of normal food supplies, comfort items such as toys or blankets, leash/collar/crate.

For large animals and livestock: a means to evacuate and transport those animals; if needed, create a buddy system(friends or neighbors) to assist in their evacuation.

Have a grab and go kit for your large animals: identification, medications, list of any medical issues, photos, horse or stock trailer or alternate means of transport.

If time does not allow for evacuation, use animal safe markers with contact information on animal, remove halters to avoid brush entanglement, close all barn doors and barnyard gates….release animal.

Preparing a plan at home for your animals and family assists everyone during an actual disaster event. If you need assistance or were away from your residence at the time the evacuation was called, P.E.T. volunteers will be available to provide assistance. Emergency Services or the Red Cross will notify P.E.T.

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