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Partners replace Bend shelter smoke alarms

It's a fact – working smoke alarms save lives!  According to the United States Fire Administration, over 3,000 people die annually in residential fires, and the majority of deaths occurred in homes that did NOT have working smoke alarms.

The Bethlehem Inn, a local community shelter, did have smoke alarms in each room.  Unfortunately, they were older and in need of replacement. 

Also, even though the wiring was present in the walls of each room, the alarms were solely battery operated.  They needed new smoke alarms that were hard wired, with a battery back-up. 

The Home Depot stepped up to help, donating 25 brand new hard wired smoke alarms, worth approximately $375.  Aaken Electric offered their time and labor to install the alarms at no cost to the Bethlehem Inn. 

The end result?  Thanks to a great community partnership, the residents of the Bethlehem Inn can be assured of the life-saving early warning a smoke alarm provides in the event of fire.

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