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OSPIRG guide helps students with taxes

PORTLAND, Ore. - As tax season approaches and many college students are filing taxes on their own for the first time, OSPIRG today released a guide, "Tackling Your Taxes," to help students navigate their taxes.

OSPIRG's "Tackling Your Taxes" offers students answers to common questions students have about filing their taxes including whether they will need to file or not, what they will need to file and how they can file.

"It would have been easier to understand how to file my taxes for the first time if I had known the information in OSPIRG's guide," said Summer Manier, a student at Lane Community College. "Having this information would definitely meet a need for students."

Aside from the basics of filing for students new to filing, OSPIRG's guide helps students learn if they may be eligible for deductions such as for their student loan interest payments and how to file for these deductions.

"Our key tips for students are to hold on to their W-2s when they get them from their employers and follow our advice to know that they may be able to deduct their tuition, school fees and other costs associated with college," said OSPIRG's Evan Preston.

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