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Never too early to think 'defensible space'

BEND, Ore. - With fire season off to a very early start in the West, including the Oregon Coast, Project Wildfire urges residents to take proactive steps now, before fire season reaches Central Oregon.

The winter in the West has been lacking in moisture, which means the cold may not mean an end to fire danger.

With some simple steps, you are able to protect your home and community from a wildfire.

Remember to keep your defensible space defined, keep grass and weeds cut low and always be prepared to respond to wildfire.

"That last thing you want to think about is your defensible space when a wildfire is in your backyard," says Alison Green, Program Director for Project Wildfire. "Before the fire danger reaches Central Oregon, this is a great time to start thinking about creating your defensible space."

Project Wildfire would like to remind residents that YOU are our greatest resource when it comes to protecting homes and neighborhoods. 

With this in mind, Project Wildfire encourages you to take a look around your property in the "home ignition zone," where glowing embers can ignite spot fires and vulnerable areas like decks, patios and fences that can spread flames to your home.

Visit or for more information about how you can define your defensible space and Plan, Prep, Go guide.  For more information and photos visit Or call the Project Wildfire office at 541-322-7129.

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