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Nearly 350 volunteers help SMART

BEND, Ore. - SMART celebrates the service of nearly 350 volunteers sharing their time with Central Oregon children who need support in reading.

Volunteers read with 532 children this year, providing seven months of one-on-one reading support in our local schools, donating upwards of 5000 hours of their time. 

SMART has been a presence in Central Oregon schools for 21 years and we have several volunteers who have served children for each of those 21 years.  In particular we would like to honor Eula Curtis of Sisters. 

"Over the last 21 years Eula has supported more than 43 children in the SMART Program through Sisters Elementary School.  Over the years several of her students have come back to visit SMART and Eula in particular to let her know about their accomplishments," said Diane Turnbull, Central Area Manager.  "Eula is 92 years old and drives herself to Sisters Elementary every Tuesday afternoon to read to 3 or 4 children who are thrilled to see her each week. "

SMART in Central Oregon also recognizes Harriet Langmas, long time Bend resident and 21 year SMART Reader who was honored as the Statewide Outstanding Volunteer of the year at the Annual SMART Gala in Portland in February 2013. 

We appreciate the work of all 350 volunteer readers across Central Oregon who dedicate their time and energy to children who will, with their help, learn to read and be empowered to succeed. 

About SMART® (Start Making A Reader Today)

SMART, Start Making A Reader Today, is a statewide nonprofit organization that envisions an Oregon where every child can read and is empowered to succeed. We partner with schools around the state and engage community volunteers to read one-on-one with PreK-3rd grade children, helping strengthen literacy skills and encourage a love of reading.

Over the past two decades, SMART has steadily grown to become Oregon's largest volunteer literacy program. Children in the program receive 14 new books throughout the school year to keep and read with their families. Together, with support from communities and schools around the state, SMART is improving the reading capacity of Oregon's children. Visit or call 541-355-5600 to learn more about SMART.   

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