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KIds in the Game founder takes on grueling race in Africa

BEND, Ore. - Brian Grossman is determined to complete the near impossible in a show of support for KIDS in the GAME. Grossman, a founder of the nonprofit, will compete in the Cape Epic, otherwise known as the ‘Untamed African Mountain Bike Race'. This 8-day race takes place in the Cape Region of South Africa, March 23rd-30th.

The race distance totals 715 kilometers (445 miles) over mountainous terrain with 48,720 feet of vertical climbing in temperatures over 100°F. It is a full-service race, meaning a crew will provide food, water, and tented race villages throughout the event.

This year, approximately 1,200 participants will attempt to endure this grueling race. Brian is partnering with friend Tom Turley, an avid mountain biker from Colorado.

Grossman will attempt the Cape Epic in a show of fundraising and awareness support for KIDS in the GAME, a charity whose mission is to provide financial support for underprivileged youth to get active and participate in sports.

Two years ago he completed the Marathon Des Sables, a 7-day running race in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.

Now recharged and motivated, he has been preparing since July for the Cape Epic endurance bike race which has been on his bucket list for over 8 years. It is the ultimate dream experience to combine his passion to help disadvantaged kids get active, his long-term interest to visit South Africa, and his huge desire to take on this personal challenge.

Grossman has set a goal of raising $48,720 for the organization—that's $1 for every foot of vertical he hopes to climb during the race.

"With the high cost of registration fees and pay-to- play programs, too many kids in the United States that want to play are left on the sidelines. It is our goal at KIDS in the GAME to provide financial resources to get kids onto fields, onto courts, and onto teams so they can reap the benefits of that amazing experience," he said.

Grossman further adds, "Childhood obesity rates are off the charts and an issue that is growing – and I hope that through my efforts, more people will contribute to helping reverse these shocking statistics."

"Brian's tremendous efforts are a springboard to raise awareness of the importance of youth sports to a kid's development as a human being," said KIDS in the GAME co-founder John Ballantine. "We hope that through this campaign, people will give their attention to this tremendously important issue. Kids who don't have access to sports activities outside of school are falling behind academically, socially, and physically. Our efforts to positively impact kids will aid in the fight against obesity, improve high school graduation rates, and benefit our communities as a whole."

Donations can be made by visiting:

About KIDS in the GAME

KIDS in the GAME is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on inspiring kids to thrive in life through sports. KITG is working to fill a gap in the lack of access to sports and exercise an average child in America is experiencing. 70% of kids drop out of playing sports by the age of 12. 62% of American youth ages 9 to 13 do not participate in any organized physical activity during non-school hours primarily because of financial constraints. We provide financial assistance to help youth from low-income families, youth that are physically or mentally challenged, and kids that are "at-risk" gain access to youth sports organization and school athletic programs. We raise awareness of the importance of athletics in developing future leaders, with skills and values that transfer from the sports field into the classroom, workplace, family and community. Find out more at, visit our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter @kidsinthegame.

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