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Jr. cyclists get help to go to Cyclocross Nationals

Four Oregon Junior cyclists have been awarded CXmas Junior Fund travel stipends to attend the US Cyclocross Nationals in Madison, Wis., January 9-13, 2013.

The juniors, who range in age from 11 to 15, each received $800 toward their travel expenses fromthe CXmas Junior Fund. The fund was created in 2011 by Bart Bowen, the owner of Sports Performance Powered by Bowen, to help offset costs for junior cyclists competing in USA Cycling's annual US National Cyclocross Championships.

"It's always rewarding for us to connect the fundraising to the individual recipients, and to realize how essential these financial awards are to them attending nationals," explains Bowen, who began his own racing career as a junior. "It becomes a lot more real when you feel the excitement from the kids now that they know they're actually going. And these big events are important to them developing as cyclists, but they are also great life experiences they will never forget."

Powered by Bowen raised money for the CXmas Junior Fund this past year with the OBRA-sanctioned Future Cross cyclocross race in September and the second annual CXmas Party on December 6, 2012.

The 2012 CXmas Junior Fund recipients are:

Donovan Birky
Thirteen-year-old Donovan Birky has been a fixture at local and regional bicycle races since he was very young. Now an eighth grader at Cascade Middle School in Bend, Birky races road, mountain and cyclocross for the Bend Endurance Academy, and says he is "very thankful and very excited to race in Wisconsin this year!"

• 1st 2012 Psychocross Series in Eugene, Men 13-14
• 2nd 2012 OBRA State Cyclocross Championships, Men 13-14
• 1st 2011 OBRA State Cyclocross Championships, Men 10-12
• 1st 2011 Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series

Lance Haidet

Like all four recipients, Lance Haidet is accustomed to a place on the podium, and more often than not, it's the top step. Haidet, who is a ninth grader at Summit High School in Bend, races road, mountain and cyclocross on the Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team and for Foundry Cycles.

"I really appreciate all the time and hard work by the Powered by Bowen staff and volunteers to help Oregon kids like me have the experience of traveling to Cyclocross Nationals in Madison," says Haidet. "I feel honored to have such a supportive community."

• 1st 2012 Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series, Men 15-16
• 1st 2012 Oregon High School Cyclocross Series
• 1st 2012 USGP of Cyclocross, Deschutes Brewery Cup, Day One
• 1st 2011 USGP of Cyclocross, Deschutes Brewery Cup, Days One and Two

Gabrielle Lehnert
In only her second season as a competitive cyclist, eleven-year-old Gabrielle Lehnert is dominating the Women's 10-12 age group in Oregon, and can't wait to attend her first national event.

"I am so excited and can hardly believe it," says Lehnert, who is a sixth grader at Eugene's Cal Young Middle School. "After winning the state race this year, I really wanted to go to nationals, but we couldn't go because it was too expensive. This money has allowed me to go."

• 1st 2012 OBRA State Cyclocross Championships, Women 10-12
• 1st 2012 Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series
• 1st 2012 Psychocross Series
• Eight first-place finishes in 2012

Sam Rosenberg

In addition to racing cyclocross, fifteen-year-old Sam Rosenberg of Eugene also races mountain and road, including grueling stage races like the Baker City Classic, which he raced with the Cat 3 Men in 2012. In October, Rosenberg attended a USA Cycling Talent I.D. Camp in Chula Vista, Calif., where he won a criterium against other top juniors from around the country.

"It is an honor to be recognized for my hard work and effort, and to receive such generous support," says Rosenberg. "This stipend really helps offset the big expense to my family of traveling across the country to race. Thanks to everyone who donated to the CXmas Junior Fund."

• 2nd 2012 Oergon Junior Cyclocross Series, Men 15-16
• 1st 2012 Cross Crusades Unicycle
• 3rd 2012 Cross Crusades Series, Junior Men
• 1st 2011 Cross Crusades Series, Junior Men
• 4th 2011 US National Road Race, Junior Men 13-14

Powered by Bowen sports performance lab is located at 143 SW Century Drive, Suite 100, in Bend, Oregon. For more information please visit

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