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John Huddle to open campaign office

LA PINE, Ore. - Meet John Huddle, Democratic Candidate for State Representative, District 55 at the Campaign Headquarters, Aspen Alley Mall, No. 10 (next to Cinco de Mayo Restaurant) in La Pine.

John focuses on issues not political rhetoric. Refreshments served. There will be door prizes. Come, join in the festivities and meet John.

John believes that the communities in HD 55 face challenges that demand leadership and that representation is a full-time job.

Residents face challenges unique to rural communities. The unemployment rate exceeds the State average. The poverty rate is unacceptably high with many seniors sinking into poverty. Residents have uneven and sometimes nonexistent access to services, such as transportation, veteran's services, health care, public safety, justice, water and other utilities and higher education.

Many residents complain of local and state government that is burdensome and insensitive to their needs. John is running to address issues of concern to rural middle class families.

Over the past two years, John advocated for many community and "underdog" issues. He took on the ground-water (septic) protection issue in South Deschutes County, demonstrating that the ground water was not showing elevated nitrates.

He advocated for residents of North Klamath County when their county sprayed a harsh defoliant that killed trees, shrubbery and reportedly sickened people and pets.

John vigorously opposed carte blanche land use legislation that would have forced a sanitary authority on the electorate. John also lobbied for veterans and consumer protection issues in Salem. As one resident stated: "Had it not been for the actions of John Huddle, I believe we, the affected residents, would still be battling state and county agencies."

The Campaign Headquarters serves as the base of operations for the diverse cadre of campaign volunteers. Like John, they believe that a Representative should represent all the people. The Campaign staff reflects people from a spectrum of political affiliations and values. All are committed to helping John in his campaign because they also believe that the focus should be on issues not political rhetoric.

For more information (or to volunteer), call 541-728-3105, visit the campaign web site at or stop by the office.

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