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Health-wellness center coming to NW Crossing

Taylor Brooks LLC, a joint partnership of Taylor Northwest and Brooks Resources, announced Friday that they will develop a health and wellness center at NorthWest Crossing.

The new Shevlin Health and Wellness Center, which hopes to offer everything from primary medical to holistic care and from fitness to veterinary services, will be located at the SW corner of Shevlin Park Road and NW Crossing Drive.

Todd Taylor, managing partner for Taylor Brooks, said, "We're working with a fantastic team of experts to make this new center a reality to serve our community. With a growing population, easy access to health care services is an important amenity for everyone. The breadth of services we are looking to offer will essentially create a ‘one stop' location for healthcare."

TaylorNW will begin site work in late spring, with vertical construction beginning this summer. Upon completion, the development will encompass 11 single-story buildings totaling around 64,000 square feet. BBT Architects is designing the buildings for the center which will complement existing natural beauty of the site. The single-story buildings are consistent with NorthWest Crossing architecture which Todd Turner of BBT describes as a "timeless, contemporary blend of traditional forms."

Fratzke Commercial, which is managing the leasing for the project, is actively seeking tenants in specialty medical services, general healthcare, pediatric, dentistry, wellness, holistic care, fitness and even veterinary. The Shevlin Health and Wellness Center's offerings will complement many of the services available in the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood center, making health and wellness services much more convenient and accessible on the west side of Bend.

Brian Fratzke of Fratzke Commercial said, "We're taking a close look at healthcare and medical providers that can ‘cross-pollinate' with one another, so a person doesn't have to look far for any specialty need. For example, we envision patients coming here for an eye exam, who will then be able to walk across to another building in the same complex for their naturopath appointment or dental cleaning. It's all about accessibility and convenience for whole body health."

Taylor Brooks LLC has made connectivity a priority for the new health and wellness center, working with Bend Area Transit to create a new stop for city buses, connecting pathways and sidewalks to existing trails and convenient access and parking for vehicles. Taylor said that he anticipates the first tenants to be open and operating before the end of 2014.

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