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FoundersPad seeks accelerator applicants

BEND, Ore. - FoundersPad is now accepting and reviewing applications for its next "Launch Track" session targeted at concept and early stage software technology companies and scheduled to begin on May 5.  Between five and 10 companies will be accepted for the session.

The intensive program is an ideal fit for startups looking for in-depth guidance and help with refining their business models, gaining a keen understanding of their customers and obtaining the right product/market fit. The growth opportunity is maximized by having dedicated, proven and experienced mentors involved for the duration of the program as well as from knowledge gleaned from peers.

Founded in 2012, FoundersPad has proven itself to be a leading accelerator program. In less than two years, 20 founders and 14 companies have participated in the Launch Track program.  The companies have collectively raised over $3M in funding and are well on their way to disrupting the key markets they serve.

"We have seen tremendous growth as a company after going through the FoundersPad program," said Nouvola Co-founder, Paola Moretto. "Not only was it a major contributor to our growth and business strategy, it helped us get ready for the 2013 Bend Venture Conference where we won the $250,000 grand prize."

The FoundersPad Launch Track program is committed to helping founders create scalable business models using Lean Startup methodology. The approach FoundersPad takes is unique among technology accelerators across the country.  The current accelerator model is too often fixated on perfecting an entrepreneur's pitch and lacks consistent and deep engagement from mentors. Our approach is to surround the founding teams with a core mentor group that understands their business and market and that stay deeply engaged throughout the duration of the program. This approach allows us to break down, validate, and optimize the key assumptions in a company's business model. We are looking for entrepreneurs to apply for the Launch Track program that are focused and committed to building strong and sustainable companies.

Entrepreneurs have been migrating to Bend for decades and have always embraced the "work hard, play hard" spirit. Bend's ideal mix of livability, outdoor recreation and business opportunities paired with a rapidly expanding technology sector, creates a positive environment for an accelerator program to thrive in and makes Bend a highly sought after location to start and build a business. 

"Startups have a unique opportunity to gain significant momentum in their markets by investing their time in the program and focusing early on vetting the highest risk assumptions in their business model," said Chris Capdevila, FoundersPad Co-Founder. "To have access to the depth of talent we have with our mentors and to be able to participate in a high-quality accelerator program like FoundersPad in a community like Bend is not to be missed."

Companies interested in applying should review the criteria and apply for the program via the FoundersPad website as soon as possible. Applications should be submitted by April 5th and companies will be notified a week after the deadline whether they will have been accepted into the program.

About FoundersPad

FoundersPad is a technology accelerator founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Based in Bend, Oregon, we help promising software startups turn innovative ideas into market-leading companies. Through thought leadership based on Lean Startup principles, our programs are focused on customer development that helps drive, refine and grow companies. Visit for more information.

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