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Forest visitors urged to prepare for winter travel

BEND, Ore. - Forest Service officials want to remind visitors that winter travel conditions on forest roads may be hazardous and people should travel with their personal safety in mind.

During the winter the Forest Service does not plow forest roads and visitors need to be cautious before traveling down a road that is unplowed.  If a road has been plowed, visitors should expect large trucks or equipment operating on those roads and be cautious.  

For the safety of all, visitors also are asked not to park in front of gates or block roadways while they recreate.

In general, the Forest Service urges people recreating in the winter to prepare for unexpected conditions by dressing warm, having extra food and water, and bringing equipment and supplies such as tire chains, sand and shovels in their car.

People should always let someone else know where they are going and when they plan to return. 

And, finally, visitors should remember that being able to communicate to rescuers in an emergency is critical; however, cell phones may not always have service in the backcountry.

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