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FORCE Lab seeks subjects for knee brace studies

BEND, Ore. - The FORCE Lab, the biomechanics laboratory led by Oregon State University – Cascades and private partners, is seeking subjects for two research studies examining how knee braces effect individuals with knee joint pain.

The first study focuses on patellofemoral  (anterior knee) pain and requires participants between the ages of 18 and 40 who currently experience anterior knee pain.  Anterior knee pain must occur during activities such as running or jumping. 

Subjects must be physically active.  Participants will perform tasks such as running and landing while wearing different braces during a 90-minute testing session held at the FORCE Lab.  Participants will be compensated $30 upon completion.

The second study focuses on osteoarthritis and requires participants between the ages of 40 and 65 who have a history of medial knee pain for more than three months and grade two or grade three osteoarthritis.  Subjects must have mild to moderate limitation in daily or recreational activities. 

Participants will wear a knee brace for four weeks and attend three 90-minute biomechanical analysis sessions at the FORCE Lab.  Sessions will include walking and stair descent with and without the brace.  Participants will be compensated $200 upon completion.

To inquire about participating in the study, contact FORCE Lab manager Cynthia Conti at  or 541-639-4122.

The Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence, known as the FORCE Lab, is led by researchers at OSU-Cascades, in partnership with Therapeutic Associates-Bend Physical Therapy, The Center Orthopedic & Neurological Care & Research and The Center Foundation.  It opened in May 2013.

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