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Family Access Network sees growing needs

BEND, Ore. - The Family Access Network (FAN) Foundation held its seventh annual luncheon fundraiser earlier this month at St. Charles in Bend. 

The April 9th event hosted 208 people interested in learning more about FAN.  Attendees and business sponsors contributed over $80,000 in gifts and pledges to serve disadvantaged children. 

A total of 25 businesses sponsored the event, including our Title Sponsor Les Schwab, Wells Fargo, Deschutes County Commissioners, Quota Club, Bigfoot Beverages, Deschutes Brewery, Director's Mortgage, Insight Diagnostics, and OnPoint Credit Union.

FAN Foundation would also like to thank the school superintendents and Deschutes County Board of Commissioners for their ongoing support of Deschutes County children in need.

During these difficult times, FAN has seen a monumental jump in the number of families requesting services.  Since the beginning of the school year, FAN has served over 8,200 children and family members. 

FAN is now helping families that never before considered that they would need help. Families who are not able to pay their mortgage, have lost their job or are just making it month to month until something turns around for them are coming for help.

Not surprisingly, the intensity of needs from families seeking FAN services in recent years has increased dramatically. Advocates are now working with families that used to donate cash and items to FAN. These families come with multiple issues stemming from job loss, home foreclosure and other major life stressors. The high number of families with immense needs has strained our social service system.

Advocacy and creative problem solving by FAN advocates has been able to ease some of the burden for these children and families.

FAN advocates exist in all public schools (K – 12) and in three early childhood sites in Deschutes County. The advocates are service brokers who link children and families to critical social support with the goal of keeping children in school. By placing advocates in public schools, FAN provides a direct, convenient way to connect those in need with vital services.

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