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COPA schedules flu shot clinics

BEND, Ore. - Central Oregon Pediatric Associates is now accepting appointments for pediatric vaccinations against influenza.

COPA is holding numerous "flu shot clinics" at each of its three locations in east Bend, west Bend and Redmond in order to provide convenient access for busy families.

For information on clinic days and available appointments, call COPA at 541-389-6313 or check the website for more details at

Each year, the vaccine for influenza is formulated based on research to combat the top three strains most likely to affect the majority of the population in the upcoming season. COPA orders a large quantity of the vaccine each year anticipating regional demand, however, parents are urged to make their appointment as soon as possible in order to ensure their child is protected.

COPA recommends flu shots for all individuals 6 months of age and older, including all children, adolescents and young adults. Parents are strongly encouraged to vaccinate children with chronic medical conditions that increase the complications from influenza, like asthma, diabetes, immunosuppression or neurologic disorders. Family members with high risk conditions and who are in contact with children should also be vaccinated as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

Current Flu Clinic Schedule for Central Oregon Pediatric Associates

Call for an appointment at 541-389-6313


Tuesday, October 2, West Bend

Wednesday, October 3, Redmond

Thursday, October 4, West Bend

Saturday, October 6, East Bend

Monday, October 8, West Bend

Friday, October 12, West Bend

Monday, October 22, East Bend

Friday, October 26, East Bend

Saturday, November 3, East Bend

Tuesday, November 6, East Bend

Friday, November 9, West Bend

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