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Cascade Natural Gas Bend project update

BEND, Ore. - Cascade Natural Gas continues replacing gas lines on Bend's west side; having completed replacement of services in the alley between NW Newport & NW Ogden from NW 6th St. to NW 7th.  Crews will move across NW 7th and continue replacing services in this alley moving west to 8th..

A second crew boring holes on NW Newport Ave. has reached the NW 7th Ave tie in pit and has been back reaming the bore hole. Today, they should begin pulling in a 6" Polyethylene main line. Once that pull is complete the crew will spin the drill rig around 180 degrees and begin boring east From NW 6th St.

Cascade Natural Gas advises Bend residents living in the construction zone to keep vehicles out of the work area during the day to allow crews access to the gas lines.  If you'd like more information as to when pipeline crews will be working on your street, visit Cascade Natural Gas on the web at, or call 888-522-1130.

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