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Caldera receives grant award

SISTERS, Ore. - Caldera is pleased and excited to announce the receipt of a $15,000 grant from the Roundhouse Foundation.

Noting the importance of Caldera as a strong partner in the region and an impressive statewide model, the Roundhouse Foundation awarded Caldera the grant to support expanded teacher training activities in Central Oregon and Portland.

In this collaborative project with the Roundhouse Foundation, Caldera will offer teachers at its partner schools access to Caldera arts curriculum training, more integration into Caldera's programming, and direct support from Caldera's Education Director and Education team. "This generous grant allows Caldera to contribute to arts training for Oregon teachers, strengthen relationships with its partner schools, and formalize its own professional development activities," said Caldera's Executive Director, Tricia Snell.

The Roundhouse Foundation was established in Sisters, Oregon in October 2002 to encourage community enrichment and economic development through the arts in central Oregon. The Roundhouse Foundation focuses its funding on collaborative, community projects that celebrate the arts and heighten community awareness and appreciation for the arts in its many aspects.

Established in 1996 by Dan Wieden, co-founder of the Portland, Oregon-based international ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, Caldera is a nonprofit arts organization that supports children with limited opportunities through long-term mentoring and arts learning, as well as provides fully subsidized residencies to professional artists. Caldera's mission is to be a catalyst for transformation through innovative arts and environmental programs.

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