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C.O. police tally seat belt enforcement results

BEND, Ore. - Central Oregon law enforcement agencies participated in a 14-day traffic enforcement blitz dedicated to night time/daytime safety belt usage and prohibition of minors in open pickup beds from May 19 through June 1.

Local participating agencies included the Bend Police Department, Crook County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Oregon State Police, Prineville Police Department, and Redmond Police Department.

These agencies provided regular and overtime enforcement focused on night time/daytime belt use and other moving violations. The enforcement is funded by overtime funds through the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Redmond Police Department issued seven citations. Bend Police Department dedicated four officers to 16 hours of overtime resulting in 15 safety belt citations, two child restraint citations, two speeding citations and 28 other traffic citations and/or warnings.

Seat belts are the most effective safety feature ever invented and have helped save thousands of lives. Sadly, one in five Americans fail to regularly wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

With your help and through education, awareness and increased enforcement, we will continue to reduce seat belt fatalities on America's roads!

The final seat belt blitz this year is scheduled for August 25th through September 7th. For additional information, please contact Interim Lieutenant Nick Parker at the Bend Police Department at (541) 322-2978.

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