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Buchanan president of City Club, Sparrow Clubs

Karnopp Petersen LLP is proud to announce that partner Bill Buchanan has been elected to the position of president in two nonprofit organizations headquartered in Bend: City Club of Central Oregon and Sparrow Clubs USA.

"Everyone is proud of Bill for stepping up and becoming a leader in these vital organizations," said Karnopp Petersen attorney Tom Sayeg. "A lot of people make charitable contributions during the holidays. But for Bill, giving back to the community is an important part of his life all year round."

City Club of Central Oregon promotes active citizenship to build a stronger community through conversation. The goal of most City Club forums is to bring different points of view to the table to discuss interesting and controversial topics in a civil and respectful manner.

"The best and most creative solutions to the world's problems arise when folks from different backgrounds and perspectives talk to one another," said Buchanan. "City Club fosters those conversations and is known for being tough on the issues, but easy on people."

Sparrow Clubs USA is the nation's only youth-based charity that empowers kids to help other kids in medical crisis through community service.

"Sparrow is making it ‘cool' for kids to help others," said Buchanan, "and to show empathy and compassion for kids who need a helping hand."

Service to both organizations fits well with Bill's litigation practice. Buchanan was born in Bend and ha spent the majority of his life as a resident of Central Oregon. He assists clients in resolving their civil disputes both in the courtroom and at the bargaining table. Bill focuses his practice on litigation related to business, property, probate, infrastructure, takings, and elder abuse.

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