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Bend's hot air balloons could frighten pets

BEND, Ore. - This weekend, the annual Balloons Over Bend will be putting on a colorful display.  Along with that display are elements that may frighten animals.

The unknown sight of a low-flying balloon and its shadow can scare any animal.  The unpredictable landings may bring a balloon into one's backyard. The sound of the hot air balloons filling with air may frighten pets.

The Humane Society of Central Oregon is advising people to secure pets indoors if living near Riverbend Park and the Old Mill District during event hours. 

The hot air balloons will be taking off from Riverbend Park around 6:00 am this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Landings are unpredictable, so safely secure your pets in the outlying areas.

The balloons will be filled for the ‘Night Glow' event at Riverbend Park on Saturday beginning at dusk (8:30 pm).  It is advised not to take your dog to the balloon events to avoid a potentially stressful environment. 

Every year, the Bend animal shelter receives animals and reports of lost animals that have been frightened by the balloons.  The best way to protect your pet is to keep your pets indoors and wearing identification. The balloon landings may be unpredictable, so pets in the surrounding areas should also be secured in a safe place.

If you lose or find a pet, immediately report it to the Humane Society of Central Oregon at 541.382.3537 or your local shelter.  Strays that arrive at the Bend shelter are posted at

 For more information ,call the Humane Society of Central Oregon at 541.382.3537.

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