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Bend PD motorcycle team wins NW competition

On May 15th-18th, the Bend Police Department Traffic Team attended the North American Motor Officer's Association Annual Training Conference in Clackamas, Oregon. 

This is a conference put on every year for Motor Officers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Canada. 

The conference consists of three days of intense training in regards to operating a police motorcycle.  The training is intended to improve the officer's ability in operating a police motorcycle by receiving expert instruction. 

During this year's training conference, 40 teams attended and competed.   

An obstacle course was the final competitive event.  This course was designed to add stress to the motor officers with the intent of replicating emergency responses in critical situations.

Time is kept for teams competing in this course.  The City of Bend Police Traffic Team took first place!

The Bend Police Department Traffic Team has competed in past events with great success.  Over the last three training conferences they have finished in the top three.

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