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Bend Chamber supports fire levy

BEND, Ore. - The Bend Chamber of Commerce has announced its support of Ballot Measure 9-98, also known as the Bend Fire Levy.

Below is a copy of a letter submitted to Bend Fire Chief Larry Langston, Bend City Manager Eric King, and the Bend City Council.

Dear Chief Langston:

The Bend Chamber is supportive of Ballot Measure 9-98, the five year local option levy for fire and emergency services, and what it means for public safety within the City of Bend. 

Bend is well known for its amenities and quality of life. Part of the "quality" often overlooked is the continued health and safety of our community. The Bend Chamber understands the current needs of the community are not being met with longer response times and delays. When lives are on the line, a quick response from fire and paramedics is needed. In an emergency, every minute counts.

Ballot Measure 9-98 will provide the Bend Fire Department with the funding to hire additional staff, provide necessary training, purchase new equipment, and make technology enhancements. The Bend Fire Department has proven itself to be prudent with taxpayer dollars in managing the needs of the community. We believe they will continue this practice with the funding from the proposed levy.

The Bend Chamber supports Ballot Measure 9-98 and the continued safety of our community.


Tim Casey

Bend Chamber President & CEO

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