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Bend Business PAC makes City Council endorsements

BEND, Ore. - The Bend Business Political Action Committee is proud to announce its endorsements for the 2012 Bend City Council election.

The Bend Business PAC spent the past several weeks meeting with candidates and learning more about their goals and ideas for Bend. Each candidate was given the opportunity to meet with the PAC for a 20 minute interview. Those who attended were asked the same set of questions regarding the community.

The Bend Business PAC is endorsing the following candidates:

Position 1:       Victor Chudowsky

Position 2:       None. A consensus for endorsement could not be reached.

Position 3:       Kathie Eckman

Position 4:       Jim Clinton

The Bend Business PAC is an independent business organization that is made up of voluntary Bend-area business individuals and has no party affiliation. The Bend Business PAC supports the preservation and enhancement of the Bend community by helping to provide a strong local economy, exceptional education, health and human services, and public safety; informing the community on important political and community issues; and taking steps to ensure that local government is responsive and accountable.

The Bend Business PAC does not accept any funds from the Bend Chamber of Commerce.

Membership for the Bend Business PAC is $50. If you could like to join the organization or send in monetary support, checks can be made to the Bend Business Political Action Committee and sent to:

Bend Business Political Action Committee

c/o The Bend Chamber

777 NW Wall St., Suite 200

Bend, OR 97701

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