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Bend business licenses renewable online

BEND, Ore. - You can now renew your City of Bend Business License online.  

Each month, Bend businesses receive a license renewal notice from the City.  This month, that renewal notice will include a personal identification number (PIN) that will allow each business to renew the annual license or to update business information online.  Visit for more information.

About The Bend Business License Program
The City of Bend requires that all businesses have a business license.  The purpose of the program is to promote the health and expansion of Bend businesses. By tracking basic, accurate information about Bend's businesses, City services are tailored to Bend's unique business community assets and needs.  

The primary way that the City supports business growth is through the Business Advocacy Program, which encourages all City departments to incorporate private-sector concerns in everything that the department does. The ultimate goal is a city government that is constantly highlighting the strengths of, and responding to the needs of, its business community.

The Business Advocate, along with the City's Economic Development Advisory Board (BEDAB), sets the City's economic development strategy. Working with key community partners like the Bend Chamber and Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO), the City supports the expansion of existing business and the growth and recruitment of new businesses.

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