BEND, Ore. -

The holiday season is a popular time for charitable acts. With its end quickly approaching, Central Oregon nonprofit organizations are concerned donations could end as well.

Throughout the year, the Bethlehem Inn emergency shelter in Bend relies on almost 2,000 volunteers to run its daily activities.

Managing Director Chris Clouart said Sunday that people are very generous during the holiday season, but he would like to see it continue, because the need for volunteers and donations doesn't go away.

“Human need is not based upon a season,” Clouart said. “Human need is something people need every single day. I can't just simply say, 'I will just eat during the Christmas season.' I have to eat all year long, clothe myself all year long. These are things that don't end just because the holidays end.”

Clouart said the Bethlehem Inn needs daily utilities like diapers, toilet paper, paper and plastic utensils, along with cash donations to help them get by. To find out how to donate, visit their website at