Meanwhile, the city of Madras warned Wednesday that the recent heavy snowfall in Jefferson County was causing rapid snowmelt, and said the city and other agencies were “preparing for flood conditions in the city.”

“In particular, areas near Willow Creek are most likely to flood, if flooding occurs,” the city statement said, warning residents and businesses to “be prepared to evacuate on short notice.”

“Additionally, residents should be prepared to be away from their residence for an extended time,” the city advised. “Business owners need to be prepared to close their business and protect their belongings for an extended amount of time.”

If flooding becomes an immediate threat, Madras plans to have sandbags available to the public at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and at Les Schwab Tire Center in Madras.

Elsewhere,  high water was reported early Wednesday afternoon on Highway 126 just east of Powell Butte, prompting a warning to be cautious but causing “no to minimum delays,” according to ODOT’s Trip Check; it later was cleared. High water also was reported in the late morning, on Highway 97 near milepost 150, about 12 miles south of Bend.

The NWS reported rises on many creeks across Central and North-Central Oregon, including Whychus and Tumalo creeks in Deschutes County. A mudslide was reported along Ramsey Canyon Road in southern Gilliam County.