As weather conditions bring more moisture, shorter days, and cooler temperatures, fuels specialists with the Forest Service and BLM will begin fall and winter prescribed burning across more than 10,000 acres of Central Oregon public lands.

Prescribed fires, in conjunction with thinning and mowing, can reduce hazardous fuels, the agencies said. Prescribed fire also is used by fire managers and ecologists to improve forest and rangeland health and protect the quality of our watersheds and wildlife habitat. 

Fall and winter prescribed fire programs may include the burning of previously gathered concentrations of vegetation, known as pile burning, as well as broadcast burning, underburning, and jackpot burning, which are more widespread applications of fire across a designated area. 

Prescribed fires are ignited when predicted weather patterns and fuel conditions will minimize smoke impacts to air quality and public health and are completed in compliance with the Oregon Department of Forestry smoke management plan. 

Specifically, the following prescribed burns are potentially planned for this fall & winter given appropriate conditions:

Sisters Ranger District:

•        Metolius Basin Research Natural Area -123 acres, 1.5 miles northeast of the Camp Sherman store  and approximately 1 mile south of the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery on the east side of Forest Road 14.  Anticipated ignition date is Monday, September 16, 2013 depending upon weather.  The primary purpose of the project is to use prescribed fir to continue the process of returning the area to a more historic condition.  The project is an ongoing 20 year research project that is evaluating prescribed fire at intervals of 5, 10, and 20 years.  The research will contribute to our understanding of dry pine forests and prescribed fire.  Smoke may impact Allan Springs campground, Pioneer Ford campground and Lower Bridge campground.

•        Sisters Area Fuels Reduction (SAFR) NW - up to 300 acres north and south of Highway 242, ½ mile west of Cold Springs campground

•        McCache North – up to 270 acres off of Forest Road 1014 near Graham Butte

•        1425 RX – up to 250 acres off of Forest Road 1425 in the Metolius Basin near House on the Metolius

•        Glaze Forest Restoration – up to 160 acres between Forest Roads 330 and 300, adjacent to Glaze Meadow

•        Pile Burning:  various locations throughout the district including: adjacent to Black Butte Ranch; east of Forest Road 16 between Sisters and Forest Road 4606; adjacent to the Forest Roads 1008 and 1012 junction, and ¼ mile north of the Cold Springs Campground

Bend – Fort Rock Ranger District:

•        Fuzzy 11/298 and 18 – 1,200 acres southeast of Coyote Butte on the southwest side of China Hat Road

•        South Bend - 250 acres, ½ mile west of Horse Butte on the south side of Bend

•        Kipuka 2/NNVM 1 – 80 acres near Lavacast Forest, 12 miles south of Bend

•        Charlie Brown 18 – 100 acres near the junction of Forest Roads 42 and 46 (Cascade Lakes Highway), 15 miles west of La Pine

•        Charlie Brown FT16/FT35 and Dilman F13/F14 – 440 acres near Wickiup Reservoir, 10 miles west of La Pine

•        Pile Burning: various locations throughout the district including: near Phil’s Trailhead and adjacent to Skyliners Road on the west side of Bend; along Forest Road 46 (Cascade Lakes Highway); on Pine Mountain; and near Sunriver

Crescent Ranger District:

·         Weiser 66 - 81 acres, one mile southwest of Highway 58 and west of Cascade Estates

·         Fuels Only Maintenance Burns– 435 acres south of the Two Rivers Subdivision

·         Pile Burning – various locations throughout the district including: Highway 58 between mile markers 77 and 82; along Cascade Lakes Hwy south of Lava Flow Camp Ground; adjacent to the Forest Roads 44 and 6230 junction; south of Forest Road 62 on Ringo Butte;  and north of the Forest Roads 61 and 46 junction

Prineville District BLM:

·         Clarno Ag Fields- 100 acres, 1½ miles north of Clarno