C.O. business fed up with packages on side of the road

OnTrac says it's hired new local delivery service

CO business owner fed up with OnTrac

BEND, Ore. - A Central Oregon business is fed up with the delivery service that OnTrac is offering in Deschutes County.

There have been more complaints about this regional package delivery service, as we reported a year ago about packages not being delivered and just sitting at a warehouse in Redmond. 

Matt Gobeille owns a woodworking business, and his company relies on receiving packages on time, but recently he's been having problems with OnTrac. 

He told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday that earlier this month, he started to find packages thrown into the bushes at the end of his driveway, and has lost entire shipments. 

While NewsChannel 21 was interviewing Gobeille on his property, he found a package in the bushes, covered in snow. 

Gobeille said he hasn't had any other problems with other delivery services, just OnTrac. 

NewsChannel 21 reached out to the delivery service and received this statement.

"OnTrac is disappointed anytime we hear that a driver has performed a delivery in an unprofessional manner. It is estimated that there are over a million delivery drivers in the United States and whenever this happens it makes us and the industry as a whole look bad. There have been significant changes to ensure a delivery like this does not happen again. The new Service Provider who was servicing this route has been replaced by the local delivery company that is contracted to work in the Bend area. In addition, a line haul truck run is being added so that packages from the Vancouver and Seattle sortation hubs will arrive earlier in the day. This will allow for drivers to deliver earlier in the day rather than later at night. Thank you for your patience and cooperation," OnTrac Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Laura Peterson said. 

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