City of Bend offers free sprinkler inspections

BEND, Ore. - The city of Bend Utility Department is offering free irrigation sprinkler inspections once again this year through the Sprinkler Inspection Program.

“Everyone with an irrigation system has a responsibility to ensure it is functioning properly and not wasting water through overspray or runoff onto streets and sidewalks,” said Mike Buettner, Water Conservation Program manager for the city of Bend. “The Sprinkler Inspection Program is a great way for Bend water customers to learn about their irrigation systems and how to use less water to maintain a healthy landscape.”

Sprinkler inspections are conducted by City of Bend staff and include:

·         A visual inspection to pinpoint any problems with the irrigation system

·         Tests to measure how much water the irrigation system delivers

·         Tests for irrigation system pressure

·         Soil sampling to determine the root depth and soil type

Program participants will receive a customized inspection report with a recommended watering schedule as well as recommendations and tips to make their irrigation system more efficient.

Irrigation sprinkler inspection appointments are available now through July. To schedule an inspection appointment please contact the City of Bend Utility Department at 541-317-3000 (option 2) or  

For more information on the Water Conservation Program, visit:

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