Central Oregonians embrace storm's snowy promise

Ski shops smile as Bachelor snow lures customers

C.O embraces heavy rain, snow

BEND, Ore. - Oregon has seen heavy wind and rain the past few days. while a rare tornado caused damage to a coastal town. But, the rain on the High Desert and snow at higher elevations are definitely making some Central Oregonians happy.

Up at Mt. Bachelor, trees are dusted with powdery white snow -- so much snow, the plows are back on duty.

For local ski and snowboard shops, the return of stormy weather comes as a blessing. Sales are up from warmer weekends earlier this fall.

Powder House's sales ride with the tide of the weather. A couple years ago, they remember a too-warm winter.

"Every year is different. Two years ago, we all remember mountain biking down at Tiddlywinks (trail) in February,” Powder House Shop Manager Chris Costigan said Sunday.

Mountain enthusiasts are ready for more snow, too. Some are embracing the recent rain as a familiar, returning friend.

"I run cross-country, so I like to run in the rain, and I just like it -- reminds me of the snow," snow enthusiast Allison Flowers said.

Others are headed to the mountains, hoping to hike Tumalo in fresh snow.

"Yeah, definitely excited," said snowboarder Tyler Regan. "We need, it too. It’s been pretty dry around here, so it's nice to see some weather coming in.

"And it's been a little gloomy, but that's okay. I'm ready for the snow," he added.

Whether you like the rain or not, maybe the news of fresh snow can get you through the storm. The projected opening day for Mount Bachelor is the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 25th.

On our Facebook page, many of you commented on a photo Audrey Roberts posted of the early Mt. Bachelor snowfall. We would love it if you shared your thoughts and photos of the snow with us on the Web or on Facebook.

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