Some C. Oregonians are in Texas path of Hurricane Harvey

Meanwhile, Prineville man sending aid to Texas

Some Central Oregonians in path of...

BEND, Ore. - Hurricane Harvey has made landfall in Texas, and there are a few Central Oregonians right there in the line of fire.

Mark Irving is from Sunriver and on a work assignment in Corpus Christi. He says it was not easy getting prepared.

"There were tons of people at Walmart," he said Friday. "There was no water on the shelves at all. I mean, you couldn't find any water anywhere. There were (also) no batteries."

He's all stocked now, but for the near future, he'll have to make do with the bare necessities.

"We had some water, so I'm good, but you know, non-perishable stuff because right now I have no power," he said. "They say I won't have power for a week or two."

Trent Luther is a former Bend resident who just moved to Austin a month ago, and he says he's not too worried, being that far inland.

"I guess it would be useful if I could swim, but I'm an optimist," he said. "I mean, it's water and rain."

Brennan Abbott lives in Prineville and is helping people who had to evacuate and don't have access to showers or bathrooms. The freight company he works for is currently sending two trucks with full showers inside to Texas right now, with more on the way.

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