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Walden, House say: No Budget, No Pay

Lawmaker due in C.O. for several stops

Walden, House say: No Budget, No Pay

BEND, Ore. - Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., reacted positively after the House passed a bill to lift the country's debt ceiling and added a provision that if a budget isn't passed, Congress won't get paid.

The bill passed 285-144 Thursday as the Republican-led House sent a message to the Democrat-led Senate, though some Democrats called it a gimmick.

On his YouTube channel, Walden spoke out in support of the bill. The legislation requires both chambers of Congress to pass a budget resolution by April 15th or their pay is withheld until they do.

"The last time the Senate passed a budget the iPad hadn't been invented or marketed," Walden said. "It's time the Senate pass a budget, and this legislation will lead to that."

However, some House Democrats are saying this is just smoke and mirrors.

"I did not find it necessary to dignify a gimmick that the Republicans put on the floor with a booby trap that they could exploit at home," said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

However, Democrats in the Senate say they are ready to move forward to pass a budget.

"We believe strongly that this is a way forward," said Harry Reid, Senate majority leader. "As Senator (Charles) Schumer said, this is clearly a victory for the president."

The Senate is expected to pass the bill, and the president says he would not oppose the measure if it reaches his desk.

Walden has scheduled several town hall meetings in Central and Eastern Oregon in the next several days.  Details are here: Walden, lawmakers plan town halls

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