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Seasonal hiring begins at Central Oregon resorts

Sunriver, Black Butte Ranch, others hiring hundreds

C.O. resorts hiring summer help

SUNRIVER, Ore. - Summertime on the High Desert means sunny weather, tourists -- and more jobs.

"We have kayak rides, canoeing, horseback riding -- and of course, tons and tons of golf," T.J. Pierri, director of operations at Sunriver, said Friday

To make all that run smoothly, you need help and lots of it.

"The more hands, the better," Pierri said.

Sunriver Resort, one of Deschutes County's biggest employers, is looking to hire 350 seasonal employees for the summer.

"We have to have staff, we have to have smiling faces to serve all of our guests," Pierri said.

Everything from cooks to hosts and housekeepers -- and it's not just Sunriver looking for extra hands this summer tourist season.

Black Butte Ranch is hiring 250 seasonal workers. Pronghorn, Brasada Ranch and Eagle Crest are all accepting applications as well.

"We really want to find people with great work ethic and (who) just want to enjoy being in an environment such as hospitality," Pierri added.

Get in line and fill out an application. They're out there, but you'll face a lot of competition because of the economy.

"It's better to secure a job now than to actually wait until you're available," Pierri said.

With jobless rates still among the state's highest, there's an eager local workforce. Even if the work is temporary, officials say, don't treat it that way.

"Whether it's temporary for three months or four months, sometimes our seasonal jobs turn into year-round, full-time positions," Pierri said.

To apply to work at these resorts, visit the links below.

Sunriver Resort: http://www.sunriver-resort.com/

Black Butte Ranch: http://www.blackbutteranch.com/

Pronghorn: http://www.pronghornclub.com/index.php

Brasada Ranch: http://www.brasada.com/

Eagle Crest: http://www.eagle-crest.com/

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