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Redmond couple's home hit by flooding

Far from water: Never saw need for flood insurance

Redmond couple's home hit by flood

REDMOND, Ore. - The clean-up continues after a powerful storm swept through Central Oregon Sunday afternoon.

"You can see the water mark here, so it was this high!" Redmond homeowner Debbie Ramsey said as she showed NewsChannel 21 the damage to her home Tuesday.

On Sunday, she watched as the storm moved across Central Oregon.

"It looks like I live on a lake," Ramsey said on the home video of the downpour.

Within an hour, nearly a foot of water filled her property.

"It's like watching a movie -- the water is running though the door at you, and you are like what do you do? You shut the door -- and then what do you do?" Ramsey said.

The toughest part for the Ramseys: They don't live near water and don't have flood insurance.

"There is no water anywhere close to here," Ramsey said. "You know, we always hope for water, just because it's so dry and dusty here. So no, not at all prepared."

High Desert Insurance Agent, Kristine Akenson said flood insurance is "definitely one of those that people do not buy, unless you live in a flood plain and your mortgage insurance requires you to carry it."

Akenson says it can be a gamble, but it doesn't hurt to get an estimate and have your agent come and look at your home.

"There are times that that does happen," Akenson said. "I have had insurers who didn't live in a place you would ever think there would be a flood, and it has happened."

Flood insurance can range in price from $300 to $800 at year, she said.

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