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C.O. cold blast danger prompts safety advice

Ways to stay warm and safe as sub-zero

BEND, Ore. - The National Weather Service reports that bitterly cold air along with any sustained winds will produce dangerously low wind chill temperatures of below zero Friday night through Sunday morning over much of the High Desert.

People should dress appropriately in layered clothing and cover any exposed skin to prevent frost bite.

Frost bite and hypothermia can occur in less than 30 minute. Pets and livestock need a warm dry shelter and access to food and fresh unfrozen water.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness of Central Oregon has these tips and advice:

What to do during a winter storm:

Keep posted on weather conditions.

Listen to local media sources or your NOAA weather radio.

Prepare for isolation at home.

Keep an emergency kit on hand. Use lights for heat if the furnace goes out.

Don't use gas cooking stoves.

Check with neighbors and relatives who may need extra assistance.

Prevent wood/oil-burning stoves, fireplaces, or electric heaters from overheating and becoming fire hazards.

Fill all liquid fuel heating devices outside buildings.

Stay indoors. Overexertion from activities such as snow shoveling is a major cause of winter storm deaths. Dress in warm layers. Travel only if necessary, and then only in daylight on major roads.

Check Oregon's Department of Transportation Trip Check or call 5-1-1 before heading out. Do not travel alone. Let someone know your schedule and destination.

If caught in a vehicle:

Don't leave the vehicle unless help is in sight.

Ensure proper ventilation while running the engine.

Signal trouble by raising the hood, tying a cloth on the antenna, or turning on flashers.

Don't burn anything in the vehicle.

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