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Bombing hits close to home for Redmond family

Parents 'are going to hug and hold them real close'

Redmond family reacts after Boston bombing

REDMOND, Ore. - As the investigation into a deadly bombing continues in Boston, more and more stories of the moments the blast happened. Jennifer Myer of Redmond crossed the finish line minutes before the first bomb detonated.

Doug Myer, Jennifer's father-in-law, says when get got home Monday, his wife was holding the phone and had a look of fear in her eyes.

"My wife says, 'Jen is supposed to be at the finish line right about now,'" Myer recalled. The two watched and waited for word to hear if Jennifer was safe. Seconds after they first saw the frightening image, Doug got a text from his son, simply saying, "Jen's fine."

He wrote back, "We're worried, was she near the explosion?" Moments later a second message, 'All okay -- I finished 10 minutes before the explosion."

For several hours, it was just those letters on a phone's screen that got through.

"Being in the fire service, I was telling them to get out of there," said Myer. "Therer might be more (explosions) coming."

Late Monday night, the Redmond residents were able to hear her story.

"She has survivor guilt going," said Myer. "She remembers running past the people that minutes later were maimed and killed."

The Myers say big races might need to be put on hold for now, but they can't wait to see their loved ones. And Jen did get to run in and finish a once-in-a-lifetime race that sadly turned frightening and tragic.

"When they've landed, and are here, I'm going to be a very happy guy," said Myer. "My wife and I are going to hug and hold them real close."

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