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BBR golf tourney aids Sisters HS soccer

Athletes use newly renovated Glaze Meadow course

BLACK BUTTE RANCH, Ore. - The Sisters High School soccer program has been in need of funding and the athletes have done everything from car washes to pulling weeds. On Sunday they put on a scramble golf tournament at Black Butte Ranch.      

A total of 18 groups of four participated in the scramble format tournament,  meaning the lowest score wins. There were no handicaps.

Rob Jensen, the director of Sisters soccer, says the boys and girls varsity teams hoped to raise $5,000 to $10,000 from the tournament.

"Well, it's a one-day event. As opposed to a bunch of little things. you get the fundraising out of the way in a day," Jensen said. "And you get to enjoy a beautiful course in Central Oregon, and it's a really good time for everyone."

The funding for school sports has been cut dramatically, and the team needs to raise money for transportation, coaches and equipment.

Earlier this year, the soccer kids served meals and bused tables at the Sisters Quilt Show's annual dinner.

The teams also earned $1,300 for pulling knapweed at the Sisters Industrial Park.

The athletes were lucky to partner with Black Butte Ranch and try out the new Glaze Meadow course.

The course renovations for the 35-year-old course started in 2010.

They were just finished and opened the new course at the beginning of the season.

The master plan included fixing infrastructure and irrigation problems.

The new course includes a pump house, square tee boxes, cart paths and sidewall bunkers, plus a 20,000-square-foot putting green that owners say is fun for families.

"The nice thing is that everybody wants to play it because its new but are they going to come back," said Jeff Fought, director of golf for Black Butte Ranch. "We feel that so many people have had so much fun with it that we really created something for people that this will be the stop for them in Central Oregon when they are playing golf."

The owners also thinned out all the trees along the fairways and over all the greens.

The year has been phenomenal for people playing on the golf course and has beat expectations, Fought said.

The course is already receiving pre-bookings of groups that want to come back to play.

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