Central Oregon workers cope with the cold

Need to bundle up for frigid days ahead

Working outside in the cold

BEND, Ore. - If being outside for more than a few minutes in this weather sounds less than appealing, few could blame you.

It's hard enough driving in this weather, enough that some schools in Central Oregon canceled classes Tuesday.

But some people don't get a day off and have to be outside all day no matter what the weather is.

Cassandra Green pumps gas, forcing her to find ways to stay warm.

"I definitely try to go inside whenever I can to keep warm," the Towne Pump manager explained. "Got to keep warm. I tell my customers to roll up their windows all the time. Stay warm. Other than that, layer up."

It seems it would take a certain kind of mindset for a job that requires being in the cold. Green says you just can't think about it.

"The fact that it's inevitable," she said. "It always happens, so it is what it is."

With Wednesday's forecast highs barely reaching double digits, it can take only a half hour before you get frostbite, if you're not prepared. Add in some wind, and you'd better have a strategy.

A construction worker who declined an interview said his key to staying warm is ... lots of bourbon.

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