Canine companion helps at Bend's Shepherd's House

Chloe will greet you with her soulful brown eyes and a wag of a tail at The Shepherd's House, a nonprofit that serves the homeless and offers a rehabilitation program for men.  

Chloe fills a vitally important role at The Shepherd's House, as she connects with hurting people in a way no human can.

"Chloe is very intuitive to the most needy people. She goes to the most in need first so they can reach out and touch her. Homeless people are often not touched. Chloe meets that need to be accepted and cared for," says Georgiann Watson, staff member at The Shepherd's House.

Chloe came to The Shepherd's House just over a year ago.  She needed a new living situation and staff member Georgiann Watson brought her to The Shepherd's House.  

It didn't take Chloe long to win all the hearts of the men in the recovery program. Chloe has helped provide love, support and companionship to these men as they re-build their lives.

Chloe is part of the community of residents at The Shepherd's House. She is first to hop in the van for outings at the lake or Smith Rock.  

If you come to The Shepherd's House, you may see a black lab that might have one of the most important jobs in serving the homeless.

About The Shepherd's House: Established in 2006, The Shepherd's House provides meals, clothing and other vital necessities to the homeless and offers a recovery program for men to transform their lives.  The Shepherd's House provides over 30,000 meals per year.  For more information call 541-388-2096 or log on to

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