C.O. students take part in 'Great Shakeout'

Earthquake preparedness drill held worldwide

Redmond kids 'Shake Out' quake survival skills

REDMOND, Ore. - Earthquake experts say "the big one" could shake the state within the next 50 years -- a mega-quake registering possibly 9.0 on the Richter scale.

So on Thursday, Central Oregonians and millions of others around the world prepared for the unexpected. 

It's "The Great ShakeOut," a day to take a crack at your earthquake preparedness. 

A total of 24.5 million people worldwide registered to participate in the exercise, including students and officials at M.A. Lynch Elementary School in Redmond. 

"It's so important to practice," said Principal Desiree Margo. "So in a true emergency,  they just know what to do, and it's very seamless."

Margo knows this first-hand -- she was in a 7.2 earthquake in 1989 in Santa Cruz, California. So it's extremely important to her that her nearly 600 students and faculty members are prepared.

The drill involves three steps. No. 1...

"When there's an earthquake, go under the table, desk or kitchen table or something," said third-grader Wyatt Garrett.

No. 2...

"Duck your head!" said third-grader Amber Hobart.

And No. 3... 

"When the earth stops shaking, evacuate the building," said third-grader Autumn Berry.

And the performance from the students was off the Richter scale.

"Never stand by the building," Hobart said.

"They can shake the Earth, and split the Earth, and they're dangerous," Berry added.

Margo said she will continue drill practices all year long, util it's something the students can't shake from their memories.

For more information on "The Great ShakeOut' visit There you can also find more information on how to prepare for an earthquake.

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