UPS drivers: Santa in a brown suit

It's their busiest time of the year

Riding along with UPS

SUNRIVER, Ore. - UPS driver Micky Stanton may not wear a red suit.

"I don't have a beard that's for sure," Stanton said Tuesday.

There's no miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. But just like Santa, Stanton delivers presents to homes during the holidays.

"We get called the brown Santa Claus a whole lot," Stanton said.

For 21 peak seasons, Stanton has been Santa in a brown suit.

"The kids come out, they know they're getting Christmas presents." Stanton said. "It's fun to see the kids get all excited when the UPS guy shows up."

On an average day, Stanton says he delivers about 150 packages -- but during the holiday season, that number is about double.

Like St. Nick, even when the weather is frightful, Stanton is making the holidays delightful.

"Rain, sunshine, snow, deep snow -- we're always out in it, every day, or Monday through Friday," Stanton said.

Including the day before Christmas.

"You know, the last minute-packages are coming in, and we try and get every one of them out before Christmas Day," Stanton said.

It's a long and tiring month, spreading holiday cheer. But Stanton's hard work is recognized, putting him on the nice list with many of his customers.

"A lot of people are quite generous," Stanton said. "It just kind of goes to show, you know, there's a lot of really nice people in Central Oregon."

And you might hear Stanton say as he drives out of sight, that he hope his deliveries make your holidays bright.

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