Tetherow Resort adds electric-car charging stations

Building on its mission to offer eco-friendly options, Tetherow Resort announces the installation of three electric vehicles (EV) charging stations.

Helping to connect the dots for EV charging accessibility for tourists and locals alike, the stations at Tetherow include two Tesla level two 100-amp stations capable of charging any Tesla model car, and a universal 40-amp charging station for other EV brands.

The stations are located in front of The Lodges at Tetherow and accessible for resort guests and members. 

Tetherow's commitment to the environment is integrated into nearly every aspect of the course development and its ongoing agronomic practices ensure sustainability. The EV charging stations are another stride toward reducing environmental emissions.

With over one million EVs on the road today, with the majority purchased in West Coast states including California, Washington and Oregon, and their popularity quickly growing, the need for charging stations is critical for Central Oregon residents and tourists alike.

The popularity for EVs is mainly due to their small carbon footprint, a $7,500 federal tax credit, and accessibility to the newest vehicle technologies, according to Drive Oregon. Tesla states that it is now possible for Tesla drivers to drive from California to New England for free using the company's supercharger network.

"Hundreds call the Tetherow community home, others have proclaimed it as their favorite golf destination," says Co-Owner at Tetherow, Erin van der Velde. "The resort hosts hundreds of groups and parties throughout the year, and we are proud to accommodate visitors with the EV charging stations and feel confident their vehicles will be fully charged while they are out having fun."

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