Six C.O. electric-car charging sites proposed

3 in Madras, 2 in Redmond, 1 in Warm Springs

SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon Department of Transportation is inviting public comment on proposed electric vehicle (EV) charging station locations in 11 new locations around Oregon, including six on the High Desert.

These sites have been identified as having the most potential to host the EV charging stations, funded by the TIGER II (Phase 2) grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. A brief survey to rank the sites and provide comments is available online. Comments are accepted through April 19, 2013.

Final approved sites would potentially host an EV fast-charging station and a Level II EV charging station, each capable of providing electricity to one car at a time, for a total of two parking spaces occupied and reserved for EV parking only. Potential sites include:


  • Union 76 Station, 21690 Dolores Way NE
  • TA Travel Center, 21856 Bents Rd NE

Coos Bay

  • Fred Meyer, 1020 1st Street
  • Visitor Center, 50 E. Central


  • Brandborg Winery, 345 1st Street


  • Bi-Mart, 1555 SW Hwy 97
  • Dairy Queen, 483 SW Fifth St.
  • City Hall, 125 SW E Street

Mill City

  • US Bank, 400 NW Santiam Blvd (Hwy 22)
  • Mountain Edge Café, 320 NW Santiam Blvd (Hwy 22)


  • Fred Meyer, 944 SW Veterans Way
  • City Parking Lot, NW corner of SW Forest Ave and SW 5th Street


  • Dairy Queen, 1250 Hwy 101
  • Umpqua Discovery Center, 409 Riverfront Way
  • Bedrock's Restaurant, 2165 Winchester Ave


  • Shell Station, 33125 Hwy 34 SE
  • Chevron Station, 33157 Hwy 34 SE
  • Union 76 Station / Pine Cone Restaurant, 33380 Hwy 34 SE

The Dalles

  • Fred Meyer, 1215 W. 6th Street

Warm Springs

  • Indian Head Casino, 3236 US 26

I-5 West Coast Electric Highway Augmentation (Unallocated)

  • Brooks/Gervais (or somewhere around Salem area that is non-urbanized)


To learn more about ODOT's involvement in supporting EV infrastructure in Oregon, visit

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