New Bend business recharging athletes of all abilities

Recharge offers high-tech recovery equipment

Recharging athletes of all abilities

BEND, Ore. - Going that extra mile, running a personal record -- the satisfaction usually comes with some sore muscles.

From the newest type of rollers, all the way to massage boots and lasers -- there's a new business in town hoping to recharge athletes of all abilities.

"Everyone wants to be out there, everyone wants to run stronger, everyone wants to feel better when they're out there -- whether you're a weekend warrior, had a hard day at the office or a professional athlete," Recharge co-owner Renee Metivier Baillie said Monday.

Baillie, a professional runner, will own and run the business with her husband, who's also a runner. They both know sports can take a toll on the body.

They said Recharge is all about preventing and treating injuries, giving people access to using high-tech, expensive equipment without a doctor's prescription.

And you don't have to be Ashton Eaton, either.

"It's one of the first (businesses of its kind) in the world, there's very few, if any places around the country," Baillie said. "We're unique in the fact we're offering everything -- if we know of some amazing tool, it's going to be here."

Recharge is located in Bend's Old Mill Market, inside another new business called Runtopia.

Runtopia is a brand and Website that owner Ryan Rein hopes will connect runners and athletes all over the world.

"Often times (when your running), you're out there alone, and there's not enough resources to bring everyone together," Rein explained.

He said his Website will provide a platform for people to discuss running, athletics and tips. The site will also offer products like T-shirts and growlers.

Rein hopes to Launch Runtopia in October. In the meantime, he's excited Recharge will connect athletes face to face.

"Whether they're running, cycling or skiing, you know -- all these individual sports that don't always get people together," Baillie said.

And no Bend business is complete without offering beer. That's right -- as you get your boot massage, you can enjoy a brew or Kombucha and fill your growler.

Recharge will also offer sports massages provided by Austin Baillie.

Other products include energy bars, other snacks and recovery meals that Ballie said are all from local companies.

For more information, including hours and pricing, visit Recharge's website at

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